Ben & Jerry

Vi glömde ju att berätta gårdagens viktigaste händelse. Vi fick förljande mail :):

You was among the 100 first to apply for our competition Join our Core. Thank you very much for that!      

If you send us your full name and address, we will salute you with 12 voucher for Ben & Jerry’s pints, that you can use during the year when you have the cravings for some super premium fair-trade ice Cream!      

Again – thanks for being part of Join our core!      

Peace, Love and Fairtrade Ice Cream

Gissa om vi ska äta glass :)! Såklart hoppas vi ju även att vi har gått vidare i resten av tävlingen som du kan läsa mer om på “Join our core”.


Adopt a bee – Get honey for free!

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